Dear partners,
Thank you for joining forces with Feel Music.
To activate your subscription, please follow the following steps :
1 . Enter our website with Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Internet Explorer. (mobiles phones & tablets only with Mozilla)
2 .At our Home page, you will find the 'Log in' button, where you can enter your data and choose the subscription you want.
3. When you complete your “log in”, you can listen to music just by pressing the "PLAYER" button. (Flash Player or Html_5 Player).
4. When the music starts playing, you can select from the column on your left any music category you want and explore all of the features in the program.



At your left, you will find a list of all the music categories that you can use . The categories are divided into broad thematic sections, which are indicated in green. When you roll your mouse pointer over each music category, the following icons are displayed:

a) Random : Random transmission of the tracks

b ) The most commonly performed at the end: With this function, the most played tracks appear last on the transmission list.

c ) Most recent first: transmit new entries first.

d ) The fourth option is editable : here you can edit any list (regardless of what you hear right now ) to put favorite tracks and block others .

On the right side of each track, besides duration, you can use the icons associated with the definition of a song to mark a track as favorite or to block it.


With this function you can create your own Playlists! When you define a track as favorite, you get a window asking you to select a favorite category (if it already exists) or create a new one, if it is your first time using this feature. After pressing the icon of “save”, the song you selected is transferred to the selected favorite list. To see the content of the favorites, select "My Lists" from the top horizontal menu of the application. You can select favorites from any playlist, either ours or from a list you've created another time. Even when playing a particular list, you can specify a different list of favorites. Try it!



In every list, you can define specific tracks for the reproductive system to skip whenever encountered, just going to the next track. You can undo this function (per track) at any time, and restore it to its normal playback mode by clicking on the relevant reset button next to each piece blocked.


In the center you will find the “Player”, showing the currently playing track and the playlist from which it originated. Further to the right you will find another context, indicating the duration of the current track and the total duration of the playlist. At your left, you will find the Function buttons. In order: a) Previous track, b) Play, c) Pause, d) Stop, e) Next track. Further to your right you see the volume indicator.



The “search” button is smart: when you’re typing, the program automatically wraps the word and makes recommendations. This action applies for either individual tracks or playlists. In this smart search you can directly play either the playlists that appear or a particular track. If you choose a particular song, it will play as graft and at the end, the playlist you had before will continue playing. Note: you can search and find songs that are not included in the lists of MusicWizard (due to dated releases or for other reasons), but are included in our music library. Also, via the search button you can find holiday spots (Happy Birthday song) and hymns of athletic teams.


FeelMusic Lists

Here you can find all of our music categories and search alphabetically all the artists and musical themes. You can block songs or create your own favorite lists. Our company is an official partner of all the record companies and our music library is updated daily with all the new releases.


To see the content of your favorites, select "My Lists" from the top horizontal menu of the application. If you hover the mouse over each favorite list you will find the following options: play, edit or delete list. We always make sure to provide new and quality music but you have the ability to personalize the content as you wish. Remember: when you edit your favorite list, you can change the playback order of the tracks, simply by dragging them up or down. Then, you can listen to your favorite playlist in the order you want just by pressing the appropriate button on the right of each list.



Schedule your musical repertoire exactly the way you want. By using the calendar, you can set the musical program for any given day. By clicking once on a desired date, a new window opens where you can choose a playlist and precise the playback time: This playlist will start playing at the appointed hour, until it finishes. If you choose another playlist before the end of the previous one, the program will immediately start transmitting the new list. Below the calendar, you can schedule a mass music playback. Each time you press the “Add a new list" button, a series of options appear to manage each playlist. Select the playlist you want from the relevant drop down menu, specify a date range (from - to) and the desired hour of transmission. For example, you can set a specific list to play from January 15th until June 15th at exactly 5 pm. Once you set your schedule, you can always change it through the existing menu.



Here you can add your own advertising messages, which need to be in Mp3 form. Click the "Add advertisement" option and enter the title of the file. Locate the file you want from your hard drive and click upload. Then, press the “save” button to your right. Afterwards, your upload will be displayed in the list of uploaded spot just below. By hovering  the mouse pointer over each spot, you can play it instantly, schedule its reproduction or delete it completely. The scheduling is done as mentioned  in the previous paragraph.


Here you can browse some useful statistics, only involving your own MusicWizard account. Select a date range or the default week, month or year width. If you choose one of these time limits, you can export the statistics list in an Excel file. This list can be sent to the rights-management companies, if asked.



Do not forget to keep your subscription active in Musicwizard so you can enjoy unsurpassed quality music services. At the top of the Player you can see your Username and your account status. The end of your subscription appears when you hover your mouse over your username. You can also see the status of your account and renew your subscription by clicking on "My Account", next to your username. There you can refresh your subscription before the application locks, by proceeding to the buying process. You can always pay by cash, bank deposit or by credit card:caution: if you do not select a Credit Card payment, this will require action by the administrator to renew your subscription, which can take from a few hours to a few days. In any way, we are always available to offer any assistance you may need.

FOR ANY ASSISTANCE, PLEASE CALL FEEL MUSIC  AT ++30.210-8992953, ++30.210-8979200, ++30.6948-263425


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