MusicWizard is the most advanced way to get online music.


With MusicWizard you have at your disposal more than 100,000 songs, divided into 120+ categories according to their species and tempo.

With a single click you can select a music category, create your daily routine and make your own infinite favorite playlists.

MusicWizard offers many features:

- You manage the transmitted tracks. It’s not streaming.

- Excellent sound quality (Mp3/320 Kbps)

- The songs are transmitted remixed, without spaces between them and always in the same volume.

- Select the transmission range of the songs (random – transmit new entries first – transmit commonly performed last). Songs never transmit in the same order.

- Advertisements. The program can be integrated with yours or your partners advertisements.

-Scheduler. With this feature, you can program all of the app’s functions to specific times and dates. The programming can be done for as long as you wish.

- You can create your own, unlimited, favorite playlists.

- The renewal of the music categories with new tracks is done on a daily basis.

100.000+ Songs

150+ Music Categories. Daily Update. Custom Playlists. Scheduler Spots.